#WalkTheTube 2016 was completed in 18 Hours 56 Minutes, 58 Seconds.

This site is run by Tom Kell, and I’ve been interested in doing the challenge for a number of years, ever since discovering the detailed, but outdated information over at tubechallenge.com.

The latest transport related adventure was All the Buses, where 5 people travelled on all 593 London bus routes in 24 hours and I was part of the support team. You can find a full rundown of the routes here, and see more media coverage on Twitter.

I finally got a chance to try the challenge for myself on Thursday, 17th July 2014, with my friend Ben Wormsley. We visited 257/270 stations, starting at 06:32.21 and finishing around 23:40. I helped with logistics and food for Walk The Tube 2015, and participated myself in 2016, where we completed all 270 stations in 18:56:58.

There’s a lot of logistics and planning involved in finding the optimal route, and some information about the challenge can be find on the ‘About the Challenge‘ page. There’s also links to some other relevant info in the sidebar. I hope to add more relevant information to this site at some point, if you have any suggestions or content to submit, fill in the contact form.